Blog Niche

If you closely follow the niche that our blog site caters to, you will find one common thread and that is of wholesome family news, information and updates. In fact, so wide and far ranging is the topics of our blogs that there will surely be something of interest for everybody.

There are basically three sections in our blog site.

The first is home and family. Now this topic itself is almost unlimited in scope and scale. We will have blogs on interior decoration, gardening, furniture and home renovation. We will offer tips ranging from carpet cleaning to health and nutrition, from use of green and chemicals free cleaning solutions to child care.

Our site will also have generic blogs like guidelines on how to prepare your kids for a vacation, a topic that is surely off the beaten track. Additionally, we will offer tips on tourist destinations and the best times to travel. It is our goal to make sure that every member of a family finds something of interest at

The second is Society news and information. Here too, there is no limit to the scope of topics that can be covered. We will have blogs that go behind the scenes of royal weddings as well as take a peep into the glamorous world of the rich and the famous. Our site will deal in a wide range of society happenings that are of interest and concern to the common person.

Finally we have the section on Arts/Performing arts where we will exclusively cater to performing arts as distinct from visual arts. Covered in this section will be news and updates on every aspect of this niche. This will include the latest happenings from the world of music, dance and the theatre. You will get all information of concerts and world tours as well as that of upcoming and budding artists and performers.

We have a team of bloggers who are well versed in all the categories that we cover. Before any blog is posted on our site, we carry out an in-depth research to verify the authenticity of the facts so that they can be fully relied on.

Our blog site also adopts an interactive approach with our readers who can contribute to our website and be a part of our experience. We welcome blogs on any topic so long as it is relevant to the niche that we deal in. Blogs submitted to us should be original and unpublished pieces and photographs or images can be imbedded in them to make them more attractive.

We will inform by email once they are posted on our site.